Wersel is a powerful brand collaborative and analytics platform. It can access brands scattered data from every channel, collect and normalize it. This way, it turns the data into a system of searchable and actionable information, ready to drive online performance to the next level.

Our mantra is to get the Right Data at the Right Time for the Right People.

Wersel Brand Analytics is a platform that helps Brands to harvest, aggregate, analyse, and create actionable insights on large volumes of publicly available and Enterprise data.

Our IDEA is to create Intelligent Data Driven Decision Making platform with the ability to target and Increase Brand Value. We leverage the potential of becoming a Google for brands to understand consumer, market share and competitive landscape, this way companies can reach and target them in the e-commerce space.

Wersel’s core strength is to identify, transform, and analyse complex data throughout the entire organisation to deliver strategic business solutions to our clients.

Wersel Products:
1. Business Intelligence Platform
2. Enterprise Search Platform
3. Collaboration Platform
4. Pricing Intelligence Platform
5. AI-Powered Anti Counterfeit Tool
6. Personalized Product Recommendations Engine

Our Services:
1. Data as a Service
2. Brand Monitoring Services
3. Data Visualization Service
4. Data Quality Assurance
5. Data Advisory Services

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