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End premature ejaculation
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It’s really possible!
You know already, that every third, or even every other man shares your problem. But the real question is – do you in fact have an issue like that, or do you just think about it too much? Ejaculation disorders can present themselves in lifelong form, which means they occur from the moment of sexual initiation, or might be acquired, for example as a result of masturbatory activity. Obviously by masturbating, you seek to a fast unload of the sexual tension and by this you create a physiological mechanism of Ejaculation within you. During intercourse you are not able to control it, because your organism already remembers a certain behavioral pattern , and does what you tough it to. That’s an example of negative training. It all lies in your psychic, and what you have to know, is that 90% of cases have a psychogenic background, and that means, it concerns 9 out of 10 readers of this book.
Premature Ejaculation, that is an effect of long period of sexual abstinence, or of high sexual tension, is not a problem, moreover it’s completely natural (from a physiological point of view). But it may also come about after a period of sexual activity. It may occur occasionally – provoked by certain circumstances. If it happens during every intercourse, it’s categorized as a general disorder.
You probably want to know, how to recognize the symptoms? If you do suffer from this condition than:
The Ejaculation happens against your will, and sooner than you’d wish
You are not able to control the Ejaculation reflex.

Thanks to this guidebook, you are able to correctly diagnose the type of problem you are having… if you actually do have it. If so, you can resolve your Premature Ejaculation trouble completely anonymously. In most cases it

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